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Alta Colina

At nearly 1800 feet above sea level, Alta Colina perches majestically atop the Adelaida District, overlooking Frogtown, Parrish and out toward Lake Naciemiento.  Drenched in the sunlight gifted by its elevation, but cooled by Pacific Ocean breezes, we find the robust Syrah grown on these steep hillsides is not only some of the best in Paso, but the world. As a result, these grapes make up a significant portion of the Syrah used in MFN.

While the site delivers inimitable qualities of excellence, so do its owners, Bob and Lynn Tillman. Amongst the most formally educated folks in the wine business, with degrees from Stanford, MIT and Berkeley, their scientific approach to the art of grape growing is granular, meticulous and unyielding in its quest for perfection. Nonetheless, some of my favorite days in the vineyard are trying to stump Bob, an actual rocket scientist, and finally prove that I may know more than him about farming. 

By the way, I know what you’re thinking.  Stanford and Berkeley?  We assume the rivalry is at least partly responsible for keeping their relationship so fun.