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Meet Harvey & Harriet

Eric Jensen of Booker Vineyard and My Favorite Neighbor created this wine in honor of his parents. In a world of overpriced Cabernet blends, Eric’s hardworking, honest, salt-of-the-earth parents would have never been able to drink a decent wine. We believe that every wine-lover needs a case of this in their fridge! This wine is meant to be your every-day drinker. It is perfect to open on a Tuesday night with take-out food, bring over to your neighbor's house to share at a summer potluck, or open a bottle (guilt-free) to enjoy just one glass while cooking dinner for your family.



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Harvey and Harriet is the Bordeaux blend created by Eric Jensen of Booker Vineyard, in an attempt to make a wine that his parents would love and could afford. It is a wine that’s made by hard work, the best vineyard sites, the best barrels, the best team and of course no additives or concentrates. A world class wine for everyone who appreciates high quality without the high price tag.

At first blush, an exuberant bouquet of candied blueberries, blackberries, jasmine, and orange blossoms jumps out of the glass and demands full attention. Underneath the fruits and flowers lie warm scents of brioche, cocoa and baking spices. The taster is then rewarded with intense cherry, mixed berry and pluot followed by caramel and espresso. The overall sensation is sublime bliss on the palate as the elegant finish slowly fades away.

Wine Specs
Red Blend
San Luis Obispo County
Alcohol %

Farmer and Winemaker Eric Jensen's Homage to Mom & Dad

Harvey & Harriet were my parents - loving, kind, thoughtful people. Kind to everybody - no enemies. They loved wine, but in today's world, they couldn't have afforded a high end wine. So I created Harvey & Harriet for them. A thoughtful, delicious, cult-style wine that can land on everyone's dinner table.

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Harvey & Harriet can be delivered directly to your doorstep. Grab a few bottles for Mom and Dad and place one on your dinner table.

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