My Favorite Neighbor

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Everybody makes an impact

Our team is a family and everyone’s role is important. This makes it imperative that we provide conditions that inspire people to be their best. We do that by hiring and collaborating with those who are truly passionate about what they do. MFN creates a culture that empowers our team to take ownership, have work-life balance, feel welcome with their families, and know they are an integral part of the winery.


Meet our farmers & their vineyards

Farming is a way of life. The farmers who own these vineyards are salt of the earth people with a singular goal: to grow the absolute best grapes that their site can produce. They do this with blood, sweat, and tears. They also do this by utilizing the latest technology and equipment, studying vineyard data, and exchanging ideas and knowledge with us and the other cutting edge viticulturists on the MFN team. The result in the vineyard is vines that perform at their highest level, grown precisely for our style of winemaking. The result in the bottle is a cult level wine that achieves the viticulturists’ goals and makes the vineyard teams proud.


In the Neighborhood: Booker WINES

Eric & Lisa Jensen purchased the Booker estate vineyard in 2001. My Favorite Neighbor originated as a wine from the Booker portfolio. Limited yields from the estate vineyard made it a challenge for Eric to produce enough My Favorite Neighbor to offer to Booker club members. After years of collaboration with farmers in westside Paso who share the ideals of farming using organic, and for some, biodynamic, practices, the 2016 vintage of My Favorite Neighbor was launched as its own Cabernet-based brand with enough wine to share with everyone!